Langley Endodontics Root Canal Testimonials

Our patients always have a great root canal experience with us. We are honoured to receive such kind testimonials from past patients and from our referring doctor community for the dental treatments we specialize in. We understand how uneasy some patients may feel about root canals, and how we can make a difference in providing a relaxing and positive experience. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make your visit with us the best dental experience.

Referring Dentists and Patient Testimonials – Endodontics and Root Canal Videos

We hear from many patients about their positive experience and that they will recommend our practice to anyone in need of a root canal. We even have patients say to us that even though they do not wish for another root canal they would look forward to their next visit with us.

In the first video below, our Referring Dentists explains why they choose to send their patients to Langley Endodontics. And in the second video, these patients talk about their fears in receiving a root canal treatment and how they were pleasantly surprised with the overall patient experience and outcome. Again, we are honoured to receive such kind words.

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What Our Referring Dentists and the Dental Community Say About Us

We have a fabulous referring dental community of local dentists and dental specialists. Hear why they choose us for their patients who are in need of a root canal. We are honoured to be an extension of their dental team.

What Our Patients Say About Us and Our Endodontics Work

Hear from satisfied patients of Langley Endodontics. Their positive root canal experience has been a welcomed experience, enough so that they love to talk about it. Langley Endodontics aims to provide the best dental care and experience for all of our patients (even if it’s a root canal); this video is a testament to that.

Patient Testimonials

My sincere thanks for the most gratifying procedures, care and follow-up from you all concerning the two root canals I received under your wisdom and care these last few weeks.
I have already referred you to some relatives and friends as their issues may require your specialty in the future. All were glad to have the information. I am feeling just fine and expect to get only better, thanks to you. My sincere thanks.

– Audrey

I am not on social media but appreciate the opportunity to give feedback. Thank you so much for the attention to detail and comfort during my dental procedure yesterday.

Having endured 10 days of severe dental pain prior to the appointment I came to the clinic with some stress.

The following made this an exceptional experience.

-A warm welcome from reception
-Hot beverages available in the waiting room (not used by me, but noted and very welcoming) -Pre treatment education with some visual teaching and the opportunity to ask questions – communication enhanced because this was with the same person (Brittany) who would be assisting Dr. Bittner during my procedure.
-A warm welcome from Dr.Bittner and the opportunity to ask further questions about what to expect during and post treatment.

-Every effort made to ensure my physical comfort during the procedure with responsive and efficient pain management.
-Frequent Check-ins regarding my comfort -Updates given on what stage of the procedure was at hand or had been completed.

– Dr. Bittner’s brief but effective jaw massage – much appreciated and very helpful to release jaw tension and discomfort.
– Warm washcloth…very refreshing and heavenly!!! Such a nice touch.
– The care pack which included a straw, water and meds was so helpful…even a small snack so I didn’t have to take meds on an empty stomach.
– Follow-up call the day after from Dr. Bittner to ensure all was well. (I am well, thank you)

Anyone who has asked me about my “root canal” yesterday has heard this same positive feedback about your services. If needed in the future I will not hesitate to return.

Regards, Wendy

– Wendy

“Dr. Jason Conn is the best dental practitioner I have ever been treated by.  The staff at his clinic are all exceptional and his skills and experience are, to me, above and beyond.”

– Yelp Review

“As a fellow patient-care worker I have a very high standard for how a patient should be treated and I was very impressed with the entire organization.”

– Kevin

“I would like to thank you all for making my first endo a surprisingly pleasant experience.”

– Debra

“Thank you for making my Root Canal a very pleasant experience.”

– Gay

“Thank you for making my appointment a positive experience.”

– Angela

“This note is to applaud your professional skills. I am grateful you could help me out.”

– Kendra

“Your gentle touch and positive reassurance quickly put me at ease.”

– Dora

“I don’t know what I would have done without you guys.”

– Brandon

“Thank you for making my visit such a pleasant one, it was a wonderful surprise.”

– Suzanne

“I appreciate the attitude of all your staff and I attribute that to your fine leadership.”

– Francis

“Thank you for making my experience a positive one.”

– Linda

“I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful, caring, professional service.”

– Diane

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