What Can I Expect When I See An Endodontist? Part 1 – The Vision

Most people are a little unsure of what to expect when they make an appointment to see a Root Canal Specialist (Endodontist).  The majority of people who see an Endodontist are referred by their general dentist.  General dental office varies in the type and quantity of information they provide for their patient prior to the referral.

In our office we want our patients to feel that they have had the best dental visit they have ever experienced.  This doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes a lot of thought, planning and training.  Providing a great endodontic experience is grounded with a sound philosophy of patient care. This philosophy of patient care is generated and empowered by many hours of discussion about the values we hold individually and those we share collectively as a team of health care providers.  Our philosophy of patient care is the foundation we use for your experience.  We use it to align both our actions and behaviors creating a consistently great patient experience.  Our philosophy, also known as a vision or mission statement, is a living document which changes as our experiences and personal growth as people change.  Below is our vision statement:

“Our commitment is to provide our patients, referring Doctors, colleagues, and support groups with respect, integrity, and excellence in a professional atmosphere filled with fun.  Our values will be driven with enthusiastic diligence.”

Dr. Howard Bittner, Dr. Jason Conn and Staff of Langley Endodontics

http://gallery.mailchimp.com/09e291e6ff4a6a6bef524fee7/images/de61220c-c048-45ab-8e68-b71a3477cd12.jpgABOUT THE AUTHOR: DR. HOWARD BITTNER, DMD, CAGS

Dr. Bittner was born and raised in the Surrey/Langley area. Following his pre-dental training at Simon Fraser University, he received his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of British Columbia in 1982 and his Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies in Endodontics from Boston University’s Goldman School of Dental Medicine in 1995.

Dr. Bittner was in private practice in general dentistry for 11 years in Langley prior to his Endodontic specialty training. He has been practicing the Dental Specialty of Endodontics since 1995.

In his free time, Dr. Bittner loves to participate in a variety of sports including most recent, golfing! He also enjoys being a new grandfather, which if you ask him is just the best!

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