– Wendy

I am not on social media but appreciate the opportunity to give feedback. Thank you so much for the attention to detail and comfort during my dental procedure yesterday.

Having endured 10 days of severe dental pain prior to the appointment I came to the clinic with some stress.

The following made this an exceptional experience.

-A warm welcome from reception
-Hot beverages available in the waiting room (not used by me, but noted and very welcoming) -Pre treatment education with some visual teaching and the opportunity to ask questions – communication enhanced because this was with the same person (Brittany) who would be assisting Dr. Bittner during my procedure.
-A warm welcome from Dr.Bittner and the opportunity to ask further questions about what to expect during and post treatment.

-Every effort made to ensure my physical comfort during the procedure with responsive and efficient pain management.
-Frequent Check-ins regarding my comfort -Updates given on what stage of the procedure was at hand or had been completed.

– Dr. Bittner’s brief but effective jaw massage – much appreciated and very helpful to release jaw tension and discomfort.
– Warm washcloth…very refreshing and heavenly!!! Such a nice touch.
– The care pack which included a straw, water and meds was so helpful…even a small snack so I didn’t have to take meds on an empty stomach.
– Follow-up call the day after from Dr. Bittner to ensure all was well. (I am well, thank you)

Anyone who has asked me about my “root canal” yesterday has heard this same positive feedback about your services. If needed in the future I will not hesitate to return.

Regards, Wendy

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